Halda has built a suite of tools and know-how to discover and develop RIPTAC therapeutics from conception to design to optimization for the clinic. Our platform enables the modular design of RIPTAC therapeutics as a novel heterobifunctional drug modality for precision cancer treatment.

1 conception

Pairing algorithm

With hundreds of cancer selective intracellular protein markers and hundreds of proteins with essential function to choose from, we have developed an algorithm to help select complementary pairs to begin the RIPTAC therapeutic design.

2 design

Ligands and linkers

There are three critical components to a RIPTAC therapeutic:

  • Ligand for the tumor-specific targeting protein
  • Linker
  • Ligand for the protein with essential function

Halda takes advantage of today’s advanced tools for structure-based drug design and internal expertise of bifunctional molecule design and synthesis to ensure proper alignment of proteins to drive the formation of neo protein-protein interactions and selective cell death.

Ligand for the
tumor-specific targeting
Ligand for the
proteinwith essential

3 optimization

In Vitro / In Vivo Analysis

Once designed, we iteratively test the kinetics of ternary complexes containing the RIPTAC therapeutic and both proteins, and we assess the downstream pharmacodynamic effects.

Our publications demonstrate the power of our platform

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